Thursday, December 18, 2014

December 17th - Genealogy Study Group

Today was mostly taken up with the Genealogy Study Group.  I was at the church early to get some things set up.  It was primarily a social today, so we had snacks and plenty of time to just visit and get better acquainted with each other.  We also had everyone do a survey to get some feedback on the direction that they want the group to go for the next year.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and I heard some comments about what a fun morning it was. 

We then had our steering committee meeting, which took a little while since we did not have a program planned for January yet.  We got the next three or four months outlined, so we felt like we had accomplished a lot.

One of the workers for the afternoon at the Family History Center was not there, and there was a patron, so I stayed with her, so she would not be alone.  It was one of the members of the Study Group who wanted to take advantage of the center being open after the meeting.  I helped him with some Fold3 stuff.  I love helping patrons.  It did make for a long day, though!

When I finally got home, I had some light lunch (I had eaten plenty of snacks earlier!)  I worked a little more on my presentation.  Then, since I was so tired again, I decided to watch some episodes of Broadchurch.  I ended up watching the last 3 episodes so the murder mystery was solved!

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