Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December 2nd - Joy School Dinosaur Party!

I headed over to Lisa's this morning to help out with Joy School.  They are studying dinosaurs this week and today was Brooks' birthday celebration.  It turned out that I didn't need to do much, although I took a few pictures.  There were seven pre-schoolers and they all loved the dinosaurs.  It was a fun and exciting morning.  Lisa had fixed a cake in the shape of a dinosaur, so that was the perfect highlight to a fun birthday for Brooks.

Once I got home, had some lunch and relaxed a few minutes, I was mostly involved in all of my usual stuff.  I worked some more on my talk and I think I have it pretty much figured out.  I just need to write it out now, to make sure I am in the 10 minute limit!

I had a friend come by and borrow my fondue set.  She is having a party on Saturday and wants to dip some chocolate.  Sounds fun.  It is about time we did fondue again!

Bill had to go to the youth activity this evening.  They went roller skating.  Fortunately, Bill chose to just watch and not to try to skate.  They had a good turnout and the youth had a great time, according to Bill.  I, on the other hand, watched a little TV while I had some popcorn and spent a little more time at the computer, before snuggling up with my book. 

I lead such a boring life - but today, with all those dinosaurs, it was definitely NOT boring!  Love that boy and he is so excited to be four years old!!

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