Saturday, December 13, 2014

December 12th - What a Boring Day - But I Enjoyed It!

I had another stay-at-home day and enjoyed every minute of it - doing nothing of great value, but accomplishing lots of stuff.

Besides the expected routine, I worked intensely on my Timeline presentation and got a lot done.  I got an outline completed of what will be in the presentation and a rough pencil draft of what I will do on the Power Point.  I still have some things to do to get the exhibits ready, but I am making progress.  The challenge, which I keep putting off, is learning to use Power Point properly, so the pictures will look as great as I have imagined them!  I sometimes tend to think a little too big.  We will see what happens. 

I didn't even touch the other presentation.  I was disappointed that a book I had ordered from Amazon had not come and they can't find it, so they refunded my money.  That was good customer service, but I really wanted the book!  I guess I will have to reorder it.  I wanted some of that information for my presentation.  Sure is a good thing I have until May to get it finished!  I am glad I started early.

I also finalized my talk for conference Saturday night.  It was pretty much done, but I tweaked it just a bit and I am finished now - no more tweaks!  I had to send a copy to one of the members of the high council so they could prepare the Spanish translation. 

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