Sunday, December 28, 2014

December 27th - Saturday........

I think I am already back in my usual rut - that is not a complaint, but it sure does make it hard to write a daily blog!

I did a few things, like a load of laundry, some dusting, straightening, etc., but not all that much.  Mostly I just ----  wait for the drumroll! ---- worked on family history.  Big surprise there!  I continued what I had started yesterday, but still didn't get it done.  I also spent quite a while working on my lesson for tomorrow.  I needed to make sure I had everything in place to teach them more about sources.  Turned out it is a good thing I took the time.  Now my lesson will be productive and not use up unnecessary time because I have it all figured out!

Bill helped with a youth service project this morning, which ended up taking less than two hours.  The rest of the day he was as lazy as I was!  He did get the van all set up to go to the airport tomorrow to pick up Lisa and family.  We are excited to have them back tomorrow!

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