Friday, July 11, 2014

July 10 - Day 6 - Dinner

It was our turn to do dinner for the whole crowd today, so that took a  big chunk out of the day.  We had already planned the menu - Hawaiian haystacks.  Susan and I went to the grocery store and purchased everything. 

When we got back, I headed out to the pool for a little time out there.  I stayed until the rain finally drove me back to the patio.  I then sat in my chaise lounge and read some more.  Martha came by and we enjoyed talking.

Eventually, we had to go in and start chopping and cooking.  It turned out really good and we got a ton of compliments.  I think that was mostly because it was something new, although it was really good.  Some took off after dinner to various places, but a few hung around for a while.  I have a jig saw puzzle set up on the patio table and Judy and Martha ended up staying for a long time, working on the puzzle and talking.  We had a great time.

Once every one left, Bill, Susan and I ended up talking some more until quite late. 

Another great day at the beach!

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