Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 15th - Day 11 - Ditto!

Not much to write about today that is new.  I spent the morning at the pool, until the sun reached me under my umbrella.  Then I moved to the patio where I relaxed and read my book.  That was pretty much it!

Martha wanted to cook some beans, so she fixed dinner for everyone and we had the group over here again.  They hung around quite a while and played a card game.  Well, some of them did.  I relaxed on the patio while the game was going on.

We had another pretty good rain shower late in the afternoon, early evening.  It has been rainier than usual this year.  It is not unusual for a shower to develop in the afternoons, but they have been longer lasting than usual.  Even so, it let up so we could have gone to the pool later, if we hadn't been so entertained at the condo!

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