Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 29th - Babysitting Day

Lisa called this morning and said she could really use some time alone to work on getting the details done for starting home schooling, and the kids were wanting to come to Grandma's house anyway, so could they come and stay a while.  Of course, I was happy to have them come over.

They got here shortly before lunch, so first order of business was fixing some mac and cheese.  Brooks brought a couple of his mighty machines, so he could play in the dirt.  After lunch, they played for a while and were having a grand time.

Suddenly Ashby decided we needed to go do some art, so we had to go up to the bonus room, which is a terrible mess at the moment, and do something.  What she wanted to do was to paint, so we set up the water colors and we all painted.  Brooks wandered in and out, going down to the toy room and bringing things up, or playing in the dirt some more.  He also painted a little.  Ashby worked very intensely.  I painted a picture, too, of the beach.  It helped her to focus on something to paint, so she did a beach, too.

Then they were tired, so we had some quiet time and they watched a cartoon that they love - and laugh at so much!  Fun to hear them laughing together.  After quiet time and snacks, Ashby was ready to go back and finish her picture, which she did.  She was very proud of her painting and couldn't wait to show her mommy when she got back.

It was a fun day, although I certainly didn't get the family history research done that I had planned on doing.  This was better!

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