Friday, July 4, 2014

July 3rd - Shopping Today

Today, my main goal was to get the grocery shopping done, so we would have the food we needed to take with us to Florida.  Of course, if we end up taking the car, most of the food will not go with us anyway, but I still like to be prepared.  And we may end up taking the van and will have room.  We can do the grocery shopping when we get there, but it is always so crowded on Saturday nights at the Publix and it is nice to have a short list (just the fresh and frozen things), or even better, to be able to wait until Monday.  Either way, I am prepared, as I made it to the store and got everything on my list.

I also had to go to help someone with their family history this afternoon.  She is in her 80's and has wanted help for some time, but finally found the time to ask me to come and get her going.  She already has her family tree in Family Search, but she couldn't remember how to get to it or how to do things once she got there.  We spent about two hours and I think she is able to do a few things now.  She was very excited when we found a document that gave us some new information on one of her people. 

The rest of the day was pretty much just this and that, getting the rest of the vacation plans figured out, a few things around the house, and some computer things.

Bill worked a short day and then went to pick up the new car.  He always has a bad case of buyer's remorse after he buys anything, but he felt better after he got possession of the car.  It is very nice.  I am just happy to have a dependable car that looks nice.  I am so not into cars!

We were both so lazy that we just ordered a pizza for dinner.  I can't remember the last time we did that.  I think we are both already shifting into vacation mode - can't wait!

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