Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 28th - Getting the Visiting Teaching Done

I started the day with the usual Monday morning cleaning up.  Even though the kids always clean up before they leave, I always manage to find an armload of things out of place on Mondays.  So everything is now back in order, including all those corners.  I also had the dishwasher to empty and a few other routine things to do.

Then I picked up my companion and we went to visit one of our sisters.  I don't like waiting until the end of the month to do my visiting teaching, but this has been a crazy month.  I was on vacation the first two weeks.  Then when I got back, my companion was sick with a nasty summer cold, so we had to wait until the end of the month.  It turns out she is going to be out of town the rest of the week anyway, but at least we were able to visit one of our sisters together.  I am having brunch with another one later in the week.  The third one is out of town herself, so we will just have a contact visit with her for July, but plan on a swimming pool visit in a couple of weeks.

When I went to drop Jan back at her house, we discovered that her husband had gone and she had failed to bring a house key.  To solve that problem, we just went out to lunch - it was after noon anyway.  We enjoyed lunch and then I dropped her at a friend's house who lives close by her.  She called later to let me know her husband got home maybe 10 minutes later.

When I got home, it was computer time, although I was so tired that I ended up taking a short nap.  I try not to nap much, but I just couldn't keep going today!  I worked a little on my family history brick wall, but didn't get much done.  It is going to be a big job finding the missing pieces on this one.

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