Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 16th - Day 12 - A Little Rain

On most days, the day starts sunny and the rain moves in during the afternoon.  Today, it started out cloudy and looking like rain.  When it looked like it was clearing a little, I took my chance and headed to the pool.  My last comment as I left the condo was that I needed to get my pool time while I could as it looked like it would be raining soon.  However, I did not expect the rain quite as soon as it came!  I had gotten my spot set up, took a while in the hot tub, and was just heading to the pool when it started to rain.  I figured I was wet anyway, so a few minutes in the pool would be fine.  After all, we have often been in the pool during a rain shower.  I barely dipped in when the sky let loose and the shower turned into a down pour.  That wasn't so much fun, so I gathered my stuff quickly and headed back to the condo.  Everything was drenched.

I then spent the next couple of hours on the patio reading and enjoying the rain.  A little later, when it had quit, I headed back out to try again and was able to stay a while that time.  The sun was even out.  I finally headed back in again to get lunch and more patio time. 

Late in the afternoon, Ashby and a couple of their group came by to swim, so I was out there a third time.  It was fun, swimming and talking to Vanett.  Ashby is turning into a real fish.  She was practicing getting breaths and managed to swim all the way across the pool - the widest part.  She was really proud.  When the thunder started again - and was sounding like it was pretty close - we had to get out again.  I ended up in my usual spot on the patio.

For dinner, we just ate leftovers from the frig.  Time is starting to run short, so we need to get rid of some of this food that we have accumulated!  We just had a quiet evening.  I finished my book and started on the next one.  I have only read four books this vacation, but that is fine.  I have done some other things, too, that took my reading time.

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