Monday, July 14, 2014

July 13th - Day 9 - Church

We made it to church this morning, unlike last week when we couldn't seem to get it together.  Lisa and family made it as well, so we took up a whole pew in the chapel.  The kids were really good and it was a good service.  We did not stay for the extra meetings, though.

Back home, Ashby wanted to spend the day with Grandpa and Grandma, so she came over prepared to go swimming, which is exactly what we did once we had a little early lunch.  She and I had been out in the pool for a little while, when she asked why there were bubbles in the pool.  A quick look confirmed that it was starting to rain.  Fortunately, it was just rain, so we just stayed out and played in the pool in the rain.  For a while, we got in the hot tub, which is really fun in the rain.  When thunder started, though, we packed up and headed in to the condo.

Brooks was also with us, but had not wanted to come to the pool.  He was too busy playing with other things.   It was time for a little quiet time, so they found some cartoons that were appropriate and they settled in to watch them.  David came and got Brooks to take him back for a nap.  I had already climbed in to bed to get a little Sunday nap while it rained and Ashby came in and cuddled up with me and we both had nice naps.

For dinner, Martha ran out and picked up some shrimp dinners from the Sunset Grill.  Later, everyone came over and we swam in the pool until after 9:00. 

Another great day!

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