Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 2nd - Family History Day

This was mostly just a normal Wednesday.  I was at the family history center this morning.  One of the ward members had called last night about getting some help, so she came to the center and we worked on getting her set up.  She has a problem with her Family Search account which we couldn't get fixed, so we had to contact FS.  Hopefully, they will get back to her with a solution.  She was born in Belgium, so it is more of a challenge.  At least, we got her going and were able to add some information about her grandparents that her aunt had given her.

I worked on my own family history some this afternoon, as well as doing a few other routine chores things.  I was also tired, but since I didn't want to nap, I ended up relaxing in the chair and watching a little Law & Order. 

When Bill got home, he had that "I did it now" kind of grin.  Turned out he had brought home a car from a dealership for me to look at.  We have been talking about trading cars, but I hate car shopping, so he has to do it alone.  Anyway, he found a nice used car that he wanted me to see.  It is a Buick and is very nice - a 2011 with only 27,000 miles.  We took it for a quick ride, so I could decide if I liked it.  And I do.  Remember that I don't have much of an interest in cars, other than that they are comfortable and dependable.

On his way back to return the car, he stopped by Lisa and David's to see what they thought and then called later to see if I agreed on what he was negotiating.  It sounded fine to me, so he signed the papers, gave them cash for the car, and we will give them the old car and pick up the new one tomorrow. 

I guess we will not be driving the van to Florida!

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