Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 7 - Day 3 - Time with Ashby

I met Lisa and Ashby, and Judy and Lizzie, over at the club pool this morning.  The girls had gotten a little too much sun on their face yesterday, so they needed to stay away from the beach.  The club pool is a partial indoor pool, so they could play inside and not be in the sun.  We had a great time in the pool, talking, and snacking.

When it was time to leave the pool, Ashby wanted to come with me, so she did just that.  Bill had run to the grocery store and was back, so she was really excited that Grandpa was there, too.  She had some lunch and then announced that she wanted to get in our bed.  Within a c9ouple of minutes, she was sound asleep.  She ended up sleeping until 5:00.  I do believe that she really had worn herself out in the pool!

When she got up, we headed back out to our pool and she and Grandpa had a ball swimming and playing.  We finally had to get out and get dressed for dinner, which was out at the Pacifica pool again.  David grilled chicken this time and it was all good. 

Ashby swam some more after she ate and then wanted to come spend the night with us, which she did. 

It has been a fun day spent mostly with her.  I do adore her!

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