Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 31st - End of the Month, End of Summer

I remember when the summer ended near the end of August when we went back to school.  So now the kids are going back to school next week - so does that mean summer is over already?  It is way too soon for me, but then I don't have any school-age children, so I think I will continue my summer, thank you very much!

Today was also voting day for the Georgia primaries.  I went out and did my duty.  People don't always seem to realize that this particular election is one of the most important.  It is really the best place to make your own voice heard.  So I made sure my voice was heard! 

Other than that, it was a stay at home day.  Bill was out of town on a job, so it was really quiet.  I slept in - until almost 7:30!  I managed to get a couple of loads of laundry done and cleaned up the kitchen a little.  Other than that, I was at the computer most of the day.  Part of the time I was working on Family History.  Part of the time I was working on RS preparedness stuff.  I am not totally sure what else I accomplished, but I was sure busy all day!

I did get a call from the doctor and the blood results were back.  The sugar count was up a little more, so as a precaution, he is putting me on some meds and will check again in a couple of months.  I was glad I had already decided to try to lose a few pounds again and had actually just started.  We will see if it works - both for losing a few pounds and for reducing the sugar level.

Bill made it home about 10:00 - long two days!  But also profitable, so that is what is important.  He turns around again in the morning for another two day job down in Peachtree City.  He rarely is out overnight, so twice in one week is extremely unusual!  But one must go where the work is.

So this was another of those quiet, but busy, days - the kind I like the best.  Well, unless grandkids are involved!

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