Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Aug 20 - Visiting a New Baby & Her Mama

The RS president and I went to visit one of our new mothers today and I had a great time!  The baby is about 3 months old, but the summer has been such a mess between the president's surgery and all the vacations that we are behind of new baby visits.  I got to hold her and she fell asleep on my shoulder.  What a rough way to spend the morning!  The mother is one of my teachers and I really love her, so it was a great visit all the way around.

At home, I did the usual Monday routine getting the house back in order and doing a little cleaning.  I also had some good computer time, doing several things that needed done, including some family history.  I managed to eliminate one pile of "stuff" from my desk, so that was particularly satisfying!

PS - Don't know why this didn't post.  I just happened to come back in to look at something else and noticed it was still just sitting there.  Oh, well.

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