Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Aug 7th - Returning to Normal?

Well, with school starting yesterday and all the vacations over for now, I guess it means it is time to get back into a more normal routine.  Don't you love that?  Like I have much of a change from summer to the rest of the year! 

One thing did return to normal, though.  We had our first RS presidency meeting since the end of June.  With everyone's vacations, we didn't have any time in July when we were all here, so we just handled what had to be done by email.  We were due for a real meeting.  We got a lot accomplished and it was good to be back together and trying to refocus.

Other than that, it was my "normal" day!  Bill was home so he worked in the yard quite a while.  Besides my usual stuff, I spent quite a lot of time on family history.  I am still trying to make sure that I have everything as up to date as possible for my trip to Iowa.

I do have a pretty boring "normal," but quite honestly, I love it!

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