Saturday, August 18, 2012

Aug 17th - Mammogram Done

I had pretty much a stay-at-home day again today.  I got some things done around the house, plus a number of other things checked off the to-do list.  I also had some time to work on family history.  I had one long phone call with a sister in the ward who is having some problems. 

Best news of the day was getting a call from the colonoscopy doctor's office saying that I really didn't need to have that done for another four years.  My personal care physician was sending me because it had been six years, but after he reviewed the previous report, the specialist said, "See you in 2016."  Now that is good news!

In between, I had to run out to get my mammogram done - one of those things that isn't really so bad, but such a nuisance to do.  I got slightly scolded, as it had been three years since it was last done.  I thought it was two.  Just goes to show how carefully I watch these things!

Bill got back from Alabama with no problems.  He was tired, though, and brought a load of dirty laundry.  Guess what will be a priority tomorrow?  It is always nice to have him at home, even if we don't really do anything special. 

Another good - but not very exciting - day!

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