Thursday, August 16, 2012

Aug 15th - Fun Day!

This morning the RS president and I went to visit one of the new sisters in our ward.  It was a fun visit as we got to know her a little.  I think she is going to fit in nicely and will bring a lot to us, as well.

I hadn't been back home all that long when Lisa called and said she wanted to go to Kidsignment - a big kids consignment sale at the fair grounds - and wondered if she could drop the kids off for a while.  We all know what the answer to that was!  When they got here, Lisa fixed the kids a quick lunch and then took off to do some shopping.

After their lunch, Brooks was ready to nap and went down so easily.  He ended up sleeping three hours, so I guess he really was tired.  Meanwhile, Ashby played for a little while and then wanted me to play with her.  She had all the Barbie dolls out and had quite a story going.  When she got tired of that, we went back to put the sheets back on my bed.  They had been washed and dried, but I hadn't gotten them back on the bed before the kids showed up.  She then played on the bed for just a bit before we were surprised with Grandpa getting home.  Needless to say, she immediately wanted him to play with her.

After a bit of jumping on the bed, I think, and trying to make a fort with the bed pillows, I looked and Bill was heading into the attic.  Ashby came and told me that they were going to put the "real" tent up, but she wasn't allowed to go in the attic.  Sure enough, next thing I know there is a tent set up in the sunroom.  Ashby had fun playing in that for a while, especially zipping and unzipping the windows and door.  She was still in there when Lisa got back.

She had a good shopping spree.  She got 20 or more items, including some coats and jackets, and only spent $70.  She was very excited.  It was the second day of the sale and it wasn't too busy.  The first day had been a mad house!  At least now the kids have some fall every day clothing. 

When they left, I had to make a Walmart run to pick up some water shoes and a noodle for my water aerobics class tomorrow.  I also picked up a few groceries while I was there.  The shoes were just thrown in a big bin and I had to dig and dig trying to find my size - but I was successful and they were only $1.00!

This was a busy day - and a ton of fun with those kids here.  Ah, I love being a grandmother!!

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