Thursday, August 30, 2012

Aug 29th - Last full day of Savannah!

Bill had to work today so I had another quiet day, doing a little bit of everything, but accomplishing nothing!  I read, did things on the computer, went to the pool and hot tub for a while, watached HGTV, etc.  I never get bored and I totally enjoyed my day.

When Bill got back and cleaned up, we went down to River Street to eat.  We ate at the Cotton Exchange  - some seafood - and then walked along the street a little.  Of course, one stop had to be the Savannah Candy Store.  We sat on the bench overlooking the river for a while.  Then we drove around historic Savannah, looking at the parks and buildings.  It was a very relaxing evening.

When we got back to the Marriott, we checked out the lounge for snacks or desserts and Bill brought back some fruit and cheese to eat later.  The company that is paying for our stay is an elite member of Marriott, so we have had some nice perks, like the lounge (the only people who can even get to that floor have to use their key in the elevator) and free internet and parking. 

So, in the morning, we have to get ready to head back to Atlanta.  We have certainly had a great few days in Savannah.  Well, I have had a better time than Bill, since he had to work two days, but we have both enjoyed it!

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