Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Aug 27th - 1st Day of Relaxing

First full day in Savannah has been great!  I got up with Bill and we went up for the complimentary breakfast.  Then he went to work and I worked at relaxing! 

I spent some time on the computer, then climbed back in bed with my book to read for a while.  I even dozed off for a little bit.  Now that is relaxing!  Around 11, I put on the swimsuit and headed down to the pool.  Since the hurricane is causing rain in the area, I went to the indoor pool and hot tub.  I enjoyed myself there, reading and swimming, for a couple of hours.

Then back to the room, showered, and watched HGTV while I read some more and more computer time.  Such a stressful day!  Because I had some snacks, I never did do a real lunch.  Bill got home around 6 and after cleaning up, we went out to dinner.  The concierge recommended Pearl's Seafood Grill, so we tried it.  It was really good and is located on the marshes with a beautiful view.

So that was the first day!  Bill doesn't work tomorrow, as what was done Monday needs to set up before he can start working on the other half of the showers.  Can't leave the people with no showers at all!

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