Sunday, August 26, 2012

Aug 25th - Not a Totally Normal Saturday!

Saturday started pretty normal - I had 6 loads of laundry, sheets to change, etc.  Bill was home, so he got to sleep in before going on an estimate around 11:00.

The day changed when Lisa called and we decided they would come over after Brooks' nap and spend some time, including having dinner.  That changed my day a little.  First, I planned some food - just grilling hamburgers, hot dogs, and some veggies, along with some frozen french fries, cantelope, and few other odds and ends.  I only needed a couple of things from the store, so Bill picked that up on his way home from his estimate.

I had finally finished all that laundry when Lisa called to say they were on their way.  Brooks naps around noon, so it was around 3:30 or so when they got here.  The kids were wound up and ready to play and they had a ball, making a little bigger mess around the place than usual!  Eventually, we cooked up dinner. 

Later, Bill, Brooks and Lisa took a walk while the rest of us hung around the house.  Ashby was into reading books on the Ipad at that point and didn't want to go.  She then decided she wanted to take the old Barbie dolls and go outside to play in the little pool.  By then, though, it was time for them to go.  She was very disappointed.

It was a fun day - a little wilder than our usual Sunday get togethers, but we loved every minute of it!

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