Thursday, August 2, 2012

Aug 1 - Surprise visit from the kids!

I was having a quiet day at home - mostly working on the computer, all the usual stuff - when Lisa called and said they would like to come over.  My response?  There is nothing I am doing that cannot be put off!

So, I had some great visitors for the afternoon.  They had picked up lunch on their way and ate while they ran around playing.  What fun!  Lisa watched some of the Olympics - we have been recording it in case anyone wants to watch later. 

Brooks had just had his nap, so he was full of energy.  I bought an art table and chairs for the kids not long ago and he had more fun sitting there and coloring.  He is doing remarkably well for only being 20 months old.  He also seems to be favoring his left hand.  We will see, but we could have another Jason here.  He also played with the cars and the floor mat, the puzzle, and the Elmo books. 

Ashby spent some time alone in the play room, played the piano a while, and then played with her two Disney dolls that she brought from home.  She was reenacting a scene from the Beauty and the Beast play that she watches all the time on U-Tube.  When she went home, she took one of the Barbie dolls, because she wanted to play with the hair.

It was a great afternoon and I enjoyed just sitting and watching and being totally entertained!

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