Saturday, August 4, 2012

Aug 3 - A Hive of Activity Around Here!

The day started off on a rather quiet note.  I was doing my usual computer, etc., stuff.  I even managed to get three loads of laundry done.  Then Lisa called and wanted to know if they could spend the afternoon.  Guess what Grandma said? 

Before they got here, Bill got back home, so he got to be part of the wild activities that filled the rest of the day.  It started with mac & cheese for lunch.  Then they started playing.  When Grandpa is around they want to play chase or hide and seek or run outside, so it is anything but quiet!

Then it was time for Brooks to take a nap, so Ashby had to settle down a little.  We finally let her watch some videos which kept her pretty quiet.  She even cuddled in Grandma's lap - how nice is that?  Lisa even curled up on the couch and took a nap. 

The respite lasted a couple of hours and then the wildness started again!  David was working late, so they weren't in a hurry to get home to make dinner.  Lisa found a train table for only $30 on Craigslist and was trying to make arrangements to pick it up.  Grandpa said he could take the van and help her get it, so they waited for the seller to send an address.

Meanwhile, we fixed dinner - tuna casserole, sauteed zucchini, broccoli with cheese, applesauce, and some kielbasa.   (Grandma was skipping the casserole this time, so had kielbasa instead.  Trying to cut a few carbs.)  Ashby was so excited to help with the cooking and did everything to make the casserole except the things involving the stove or opening cans.  She then played in the sink - "cleaning the sink" - for the rest of the time.  My sink hasn't been so clean in ages!

After everything was cleaned up, and they still hadn't heard from the seller, Lisa sent another email saying she would pick it up tomorrow.  It was time to get the kids home and ready for bed.  By then it was 7:30, so they were here a good part of the day.  It was a lot of fun, but definitely not quiet!

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