Saturday, August 11, 2012

Aug 10th - Weddings Are Always Nice!

Highlight of our day was going to the temple to see the wedding of a young couple.  We have watched this beautiful young lady grow up and it is wonderful to see her now make the decision to marry a good young man in the temple.  Being invited to attend the sealing was an added bonus.  It was beautiful and very special.  We are looking forward to their reception on Saturday.

I also had a chance to visit teach one of my sisters.  I always enjoy visiting her and today I got to meet the two new people that have moved in with her and the family.  One is her aunt, who is moving down from Virginia.  They are looking for a place for her to live nearby.  The other is a friend who has gone through some difficult times and will be staying for an extended period of time.  She also has a teen-age daughter, so things will certainly be lively around that house for a while!

The rest of my day was pretty much a rerun of every other day.  But then, isn't that what life is?  A boring train with with occasional bursts of pure excitement?  

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