Monday, August 20, 2012

Aug 19th - Sabbath Day

I love Sundays - have I said that before?  I spent the morning doing some last minute RS things since it is my month to conduct.  I also worked on family history a little.  I got dinner together so it would be easy to finish when I got home.  Then it was time to get ready for church.

It was high council Sunday, so the speakers were from the stake.  They were both good talks, but I must admit that the high councilor was a bit of the stereotypical "dry" councilor.  He said good things, and they were interesting, but his delivery was so slow........  The rest of the meetings were good.  The lesson in Gospel Principles was on honesty.  The RS lesson was from the George Albert Smith manual on the Sabbath day.  Ari did a great job.

When I got home, I found David and Ashby sleeping on the floor and Brooks sleeping in the crib.  Lisa was checking her email on the computer.  We got dinner finished.  At about that moment, Brooks woke up.  He had not slept long enough and was very cranky.  He usually wakes up happy and chatty, but not today!  Then when we woke Ashby up, she was cranky, too.  So, we had a rather chaotic dinner!  Just as we were all finally ready to start eating, Billy called.  He had a birthday on Friday, but we hadn't been able to catch him - didn't answer his phone, hadn't answered an email.  So, I talked to him for a few minutes.  It turned out that dinner was almost in shifts.  Brooks finally got calmed down and ate a lot and was happy as a lark after that.  When Bill finally got home, he and David ate everything that was left.  Weird dinner, but everyone loved it!

The kids were wound up after all that and had fun playing.  We were outside for quite a while.  I bought a bubble machine and it was only the second time they had tried it and they had more fun.  Brooks especially was thrilled with chasing the bubble all over.  It was cute.  They also ran all over the backyard, playing with the big balls and getting their daddy to swing them around. 

After all that play, they took quick baths and then it was time to go home.  As usual, we love Sundays when they come over.  It is certainly not boring!!!!!

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