Saturday, February 7, 2015

February 6th - Friday??? Not Sure What I did!!!

This seems to be one of those "lost" days.  I was busy most of the day, but I am not sure that I accomplished anything!  I did a little cleaning, a little family history, some other computer things, watched a little TV, read some, and who knows what else!

I did have a salesman stop at the door and he actually sold me some meat.  I usually just close the door, but this time I was surprisingly interested.  Now I have a freezer filled with beef and pork and the price for so much was good.  I was at the point of needing to do some serious meat shopping, so maybe it was my laziness that took over and I just let someone deliver it to my house!  Whatever, it looks like god meat and I am glad to have it.

Bill was late at work again, so I had another quiet evening.  I watched a little TV and then was back at the computer.  I do believe my life is going from routine to downright boring!  I am looking forward to RootsTech this coming week.  That will certainly liven up my life!  Then I will be ready for more boring.  LOL!

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