Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 27th - Just a Friday

I didn't do much of interest today.  Well, I was busy all day, but it wasn't all that interesting to retell.  I have a lot of days like that.  Mostly I worked on my presentation and got the first draft of the outline done.  I have a pretty good idea of what I want to include and how it will be organized and getting it down on paper makes it easier to finish up the details.  I was also able to begin to outline the power point presentation, although I didn't get anything done on creating it.  I also decided that I needed a case study to prove that my points are valid, so I focused on someone that I will research using my points to get an example of how it works.  That means I will be doing some research over the next several days - yea!  I love doing the research.

I did rest for a while and watched the Downton Abbey episode from this week.  I think there is only one more week left. 

Looking back, it sounds like another lazy day - and maybe it was!  But, I am happy with what I accomplished.  Another couple of weeks and I may actually have the presentation pretty much finished.  Well, considering that I keep changing things - probably not, but maybe it will be close!

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