Friday, February 20, 2015

February 19th - Visiting with the Sister Missionaries

I had a message from Lisa this morning that she had gotten the stomach flu now, so they would not make it over for art class this afternoon.  She wanted to know if I could come get the kids so she could rest.  Then she texted back and said that David was planning to get home early, so I didn't need to come for them.  So, that quick, my day did a different turn.  I spent time working on my talk and on my presentation.  For the talk, I got more clearly focused on just what I wanted to include.  Tomorrow I will have to actually write it out so I can see the length and what I need to delete or add.  For the presentation, I read some more in another book about finding female ancestors.  I also spent some "thinking" time.  I think I have a pretty good outline in my mind.  Now to get that down on paper, too, so I can then begin working on the power point part.

I took some time this afternoon and just collapsed.  I didn't go to sleep, but I cuddled up in the chair and watched a little TV.  I never used to watch anything, but I sure have been lately.  It is better than actually napping, as I relax some and can get re-energized.

Later in the afternoon, the sister missionaries came by and we went on a visit.  The son in the family is really into family history, so that is why they invited me.  We had a great visit and chatted up a storm about family history.  The family set up an appointment for next week to come back and talk about Joseph Smith.  They were a black family and I really enjoyed spending some time with them.

This evening, Bill got in from work, showered, and took off again for some home teaching.  I worked on a few things while he was gone and was back in the chair when he got home.  He though I was "still" there, but I assured him I was just there "again."  I guess he is starting to think that I do nothing but sit in the big chair and veg. 

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