Friday, February 6, 2015

February 5th - Art Class

Ashby and I had a good time in art class this morning.  We read a book about Clementine Hunter, a black folk art painter from the New Orleans area.  Then we took a board and painted a base coat on it.  Next time, we will finish painting a picture.  The rest of our time was spent working with clay.  She does love clay!

Not long after she and Lisa left, the sister missionaries came by.  They had asked me to go with them to an appointment with a lady in our neighborhood, but she had just called to cancel.  They had also wanted help with FamilySearch, so we spent maybe an hour doing that.  I love helping anyone with family history, so I had a great time.

The rest of my day was rather quiet - other than the four loads of laundry, I guess.  I plugged away at my projects and rested a little in front of the TV.  Bill worked late, so it was a pretty quiet evening for me. 

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