Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February 3rd - Power Point Day

My main accomplishment today was getting pretty close to finished on my first power point presentation.  As I look back through it, I see a couple of more things to tweak a little, but it is pretty much done.  Now to start on the second presentation!

In between, Venett and I texted quite a bit, working out our first day in SLC.  I talked to Joyce, too, to co-ordinate getting together.  I think we have a tentative plan worked out.  I also checked the weather forecast and it looks like it will be quite mild - in the 50's - while we are there.  That is like Atlanta weather!  I hope it holds.

I worked a little on art class, too, so I think we are set for that on Thursday.  This week we are looking at the folk artist Clementine Hunter and will paint a picture of her vase of flowers on a piece of wood.  Should be fun.

I also pampered myself a little by watching Downton Abbey and Genealogy Roadshow during my breaks.  Ah, my kind of a day!

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