Thursday, February 26, 2015

February 25th - Family History Day

So, schools closed today, because it is supposed to snow later.  Some reports say by 10:00, others say by 2:00.  Just to be safe, they closed the schools.  Yes, a silly decision, especially considering that they were only half day anyway because of conferences.  We close the Family History Center for weather based on the school closing.  But, I had scheduled some things, so I went on in anyway.

I am glad I did.  There was a small group from the Study Group that are working on writing their family stories, so they set up in the FHC to discuss what they were doing.  One of the ladies who came wanted to actually do some personal research, so we went to get her set up with a FamilySearch account.  We just couldn't get it to work and finally I contacted the help desk.  They called and talked to her.  It took forever, and she had to passed up the chain.  They eventually figured out that it was a system glitch and hopefully they have it fixed.  At least, she and I weren't nutty!

There was also one other woman who came in to look at a microfilm.  So the place was absolutely buzzing!  I wish it was always like that.  My co-worker didn't come in, since we were technically closed, but I am sure glad I did!

I also got a message from one of the young women in the ward.  She said she enjoyed my talk on Sunday and they were going to the temple on Saturday.  She wondered if I had any names that needed to be baptized.  When I got home, I looked and I have two that could be printed, but that is all.  There are probably others that I could prepare quickly, so I will see if I can work in a little time tomorrow or Friday.

She also said that she would be available if I wanted any housecleaning done.  She and her friend have cleaned the house a few times.  She is trying to earn money for girls camp and other summer activities.  Naturally, I told her she could come anytime and clean my house!

The rest of my afternoon was rather quiet.  I had some odds and ends to take care of.  Bill got home early, since it had finally started snowing and they shut the job site down.  We both ended up taking naps.  Such energy with the senior crowd!  The snow didn't amount to much and it never got quite cold enough to freeze on the streets. 

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