Sunday, February 22, 2015

February 21st - Wicked

Lisa and David got theater tickets for Christmas from David's brother.  They had four tickets, but Brooks wasn't interested in going, so they asked Grandpa to babysit with him and I got to go in his place.  We left early so we could have some lunch first.  We went to a pizza place that does Chicago style deep dish, but the service was a mess.  All that saved them was that the pizza was incredibly good!  They did discount the bill from $46 to $20 to make up for our having to wait so long.  Good deal for me, since I paid for it.

Then we went to the Fox for the show Wicked.  I had never seen the show, although I had heard much of the music before.  I enjoyed it very much.  Ashby was so enthralled that there were times when I enjoyed her as much as I enjoyed the show.  She does get into this musical theater stuff!

When we got back home, they stayed for dinner.  We ordered some Chinese which turned out to be just right.  It was a nice evening.  In fact, the whole day turned out great.

I did manage to finally get my talk written up in the morning, but I didn't have much time to really go over it.  I went through it once to make sure the time was OK.  Other than that, I will just hope it works!

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