Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sept 3rd - Lazy Labor Day

We did almost nothing on this Labor Day holiday.  After all, isn't it supposed to be a bread from labor?  I ran a quick errand first thing in the morning and never left the house again.  I actually cleaned house and spent time at the computer doing a number of things.  I finally got a chance to do a little family history by the end of the day. 

Billy called later in the afternoon and I had a nice chat with him.  He had been over to Cedar Rapids doing the final cleaning out of his condo there.  He will go back again next weekend with a trailer to take the few remaining furniture items over to Des Moines.  He also plans to meet with a couple of realtors to see about selling it and also a property manager to look into leasing it.  He is really missing CR.

Bill spent the morning helping one of the young men on an Eagle project.  Then, after a nice long nap and watching TV for a while, went out to get the grass cut.

Talk about a lazy day!  I think we would have won if there had been a contest!

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