Friday, September 28, 2012

Sept 27th - Day with My Cousin

My grandfather was born in Sweden, and although I have some genealogy on that line, the truth is that I never knew the cousins or other family.  I had connected with a 2nd cousin, Gene Person, a few years ago who is as into genealogy as I am.  We have emailed and written, but have never met.

Today I drove out to his farm to meet him and his wife.  The live in Batavia, in south central Iowa.  From the moment we met, we hit it off.  What wonderful people they are!

We got acquainted and then started in on the genealogy.  He had taken the time to gather copies of many things to give to me and had also been working on a book about the family line.  I had earlier shared some things with him via email.  I had my little computer with me, so we were able to look up some things.  He does not have his tree on the computer and was excited to see some of the resources that are available.

His wife cooked us a wonderful lunch and then just sat on the couch, knitting and listening.  What a wonderful day! 

I left there around 5:00 and drove over to Davenport to stay a few days with Paula.  We had a good time going out to get dinner and then just talking.  It should be a fun couple of days!

So, this has been another fun day for me!  I am loving my vacation!!!!

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