Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sept 15th - A Little Slower Today!

We took it a little easier today, since the reunion is this evening and we were already tired from last night's late outing.  Bill had an estimate first thing, so the rest of us just lounged around, chatting, reading, etc.  When Bill was on his way home, he called and we went into "brunch" mode.  Richard fixed pancakes with cornmeal.  Yummy!  We used up the bacon that was in the fridge, as well, so we ate a rather substantial breakfast & lunch combo.

Our friend Rob Jenkins had a book signing for the release of his book, so once we finished brunch and got things cleaned up, we headed out to my favorite book store, Books for Less, to support Rob and buy one of his books.  We wanted to get the book signed, because we figure he will be come rich and famous and we want to have an original signed copy of the book!

We were so excited to run into the Garrisons' at the book store, too.  He was the bishop who sent Jason on his mission and was our support during his fight with cancer.  We really love them, and it was so good to see them, as it had been quite a while.  We didn't know they had just moved to Orlando.  I am giving Nathan, their son, a hard time about that one!  We see him every week, and he knows how we feel about his parents.  He is sure he told us, and because of the possibility of senility, I think it would actually be wise on my part not to say too much!

We then browsed around the book store for a while.  This is a new and used bookstore and I love to "graze."  I have been going to this store since it was located in a tiny little place and the books were literally piled on top of each other.  They have been in this new, very nice, location for a few years now, and I still love to go there.

After the book signing, we ran a couple of errands and then headed back home to rest and relax.  Richard and Jo Anne took off for their reunion around 4:30, which was just about the same time I headed over to Lisa's to babysit for Brooks while she and Ashby went to a baptism at church.  Lisa had to play piano for it.  Brooks and I had a ball.  He usually has competition with Ashby when we babysit, so it was fun for him to get the undivided attention of Grandma.  He never got more than three feet from me and laughed and played every minute.  We had a ball! 

By the time I got back home, Bill had left to help chaperone the stake youth dance.  That meant the house was empty and quiet.  I fixed a light dinner, watched a show on Netflix, and then got ready for bed, and started reading Robb's book.  I am enjoying it a lot.  It is about being a father and is very funny.

Jo Anne and Richard got back around 11:00 or so and Richard started watching the BYU-Utah game which had been recording.  When Bill finally got home from the dance, he stayed up watching the game, too.  I am afraid that I did not support that particular activity!

All in all, it was another very fun day.  They will be here until Wednesday morning, so I am looking forward to a few more adventures!

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