Friday, September 28, 2012

Sept 26th - Day with the Girls!

Today I spent the day with some of my high school girlfriends.  We met at 9:15 at a coffee shop in Marion.  Well, six of us met there: Jean Gross, Barb Oldenburg, Peggy Halverson, Donna Franzen, Doris Walker, and me. 

At 11:00 we moved the party to The Fieldhouse, a sports bar/restaurant and Jane Vandeberg and Paula Loftsgard joined us.  We were there until 5:00!  We decided we should leave before their dinner crowd started to arrive.

Then I went with Paula to her sister Sandra's condo.  We then went out to eat at a little place near there.

We had a great day - catching up, laughing, even crying at moments as we shared some hard times.  It was wonderful!

I grew up in such a great place at such a great time and have always loved my childhood/high school friends.  What a terrific way to spend a day!

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