Monday, September 3, 2012

Sept 2nd - Another Great Sunday!

My Sunday posts seem to be repeats almost every week - well, I guess that is good since Sunday is always such a great day.  It is nice that it keeps repeating!

We had a good testimony meeting at church today, followed by good lessons in both gospel principles and Relief Society.  We had a visitor in the gospel principles class who is not a member, and that is always especially nice.  There was also a man who was baptized just a couple of weeks ago and a couple and a single mother who have all come back to church after being inactive for extended periods of time.  The lesson was on missionary work and they all had some interesting comments that really added.  The RS lesson was on faith and again there was a wonderful spirit there.

When I got home, the house smelled so good - pot roast in the oven - and the kids were all here.  Brooks was sleeping, everyone else in the living room.  It is fun to walk in the door and see bodies all over the place!  Especially, when the smallest one jumps up and shouts, "Grandma!"

They were able to stay until around 9:00, since Brooks took such a long nap and didn't need to get home to bed quite so early.  It was particularly interesting watching Ashby and her daddy "skating."  Ashby has been watching the Disney on Ice on UTube and loves the skating princesses with their princes.  She especially likes the lifts and she has perfected the look, every foot and finger pointed just right, as her daddy twirls her around.  The cutest is when she holds on to one of feet, just like the real skaters do.  She has even perfected the bow when she finishes her routine. 

Brooks wanted his turn being spun around, but he is definitely not into the princess look.  He just wanted to go around like an airplane!  What can I say - all boy!

I am grateful for another wonderful Sunday!

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