Friday, September 14, 2012

Sept 13th - What a Beautiful Day in Helen!

Our day started with me taking off to do my water aerobics class.  By the time I got back, everyone had eaten breakfast and was sitting around talking.  I took a quick shower, got dressed, and then we took off for Helen.

I love Helen - a small, north Georgia mountain village.   (Of course, it was designed specifically for tourists, but it is done nicely.)  It is about an hour's drive up there.  The first thing we did was have lunch at Troll's, outside, overlooking the river.  It was such a gorgeous day - perfect temp, sunny - that we thoroughly enjoyed lunch.

Then we walked up and down the main street, stopping in several shops, buying a little, but mostly just looking.  By then it was mid-afternoon and we were getting tired of walking, so we drove on down to Cleveland to visit Babyland General Hospital.  I will admit that this was not something the guys wanted to do, but they didn't argue.  Maybe there were a few grimaces, but no words!  We enjoyed walking around looking at the dolls, taking a couple of pictures, buying a few things, and watching the birth of the newest cabbage patch kid.  Lots of fun - at least for Jo Anne and I!

On the way through Cleveland, we stopped at the DQ to get an ice cream, then drove on home.  We were all very tired and had decided we were not going to do anything for dinner, just a snack or something, since we were all still stuffed.  In the middle of the evening, Bill decided we needed to eat and ran out and got a pizza and some bread.  Then we really were stuffed!

We had an interesting evening as Richard shared the notes from a religion class he is taking.  This lesson was on the apostasy - what is is, when it happened, how it relates to today, etc.  We had a great discussion.  I guess our FHE was on Thursday this week!

We still sat up and talked forever - we were all exhausted, but there is always one more story to tell!  As it turned out, we had a great day from beginning to end!

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