Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sep 22nd - First Day of Fall

What a beautiful day today!  It was cool and breezy - felt just like fall, which is appropriate since it was the first day of the season.

We got up and going this morning so we could get over to Dad's for the day.  Billy dropped us off and then went on up to Cedar Rapids since he had a couple of things that needed to be done.

We enjoyed chatting with Dad in the office.  When Rita joined us, we headed down to Willie's Garage Mahal to watch the Iowa game.  Willie and Kalee had gone camping for the weekend at Kent Park which is only a few miles away.  They had gone to the Legion to watch the game. 

During half time, we went up to North Liberty for lunch at a new cafe there.  Then we headed back to Willie's to watch the end of the game.  It was not a good game for Iowa.  After the game, Willie and Kalee came by and we all sat around and talked for a while.  Calvin was even there for a little while. 

We finally broke up the party with Willie and Kalee heading back to the campgrounds and with us heading back to Des Moines.  When we were finally hungry again, we went out to Texas Roadhouse for some steaks for dinner.  We had thought it was late enough that the peak crowd would be finished, but we totally missed that call!  Even so, their steaks were as good as they usually are and we enjoyed the evening.

So, it was another good day in Iowa.  I am certainly loving the weather!  And I am enjoying seeing family and friends, too.

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