Friday, September 26, 2014

September 25th - No Art Class - But Still Time with the Kids!

The preschoolers had a field trip to Mayfield Dairy this morning, which is why we had art class last Monday.  That gave me the morning to tackle the laundry.  I usually do one or two loads every couple of days, but I had not done anything this week, other than the sheets.  Needless to say, the laundry hamper was overflowing!  I managed to get four loads done, along with other routine stuff.

Lisa called when they finished at the dairy and said they were going to Moe's for lunch and invited me to meet them.  I had already eaten, so I suggested they pick it up and come here so the kids could play for a while.  And that is what they did.  They ended up staying a good bit of the afternoon, until Lisa had to get back for her piano student.  Ashby played "drive through" by opening my bedroom windows.  One of them does not have a screen, so it made the perfect drive through window.  She does have a creative imagination!

When they left, I worked a little bit on family history, but ended up trying to find more information on doing photos.  I think I found some stuff that should help me learn it all better.  By then, I was tired, so I ended up watching an episode of The Tudors. 

Bill had to attend Priesthood Leadership meeting this evening, in place of the YM President who could not go.  That meant I had a quiet evening at home - with some popcorn and another episode of The Tudors, of course!

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