Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 20th - Happy Birthday, Bill!

It was Bill's birthday today - #71 - but we didn't really celebrate.  Instead, it was pretty much a normal Saturday.  He took off around 9 or so to go help David on a job for the day.

Meanwhile, I tackled laundry and the usual Saturday house chores.  Nothing exciting there!

I headed over to Lisa's about 5:00, so we could babysit with the kids while they went out to a surprise birthday party for her friend Ashby.  Bill went home and showered and then came back, bringing a pizza and crazy bread with him.  The kids were excited - for the crazy bread and for Grandpa to play with!

We had a fun evening with them.  They were both really good and played well.  We finally got every to sleep around 9:30. 

We will try to remember Bill's birthday tomorrow - I put some pinto beans to soak this afternoon.  Once one gets to a certain age, the birthdays are often preferably forgotten!

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