Friday, September 19, 2014

September 18th - Art Class

For art class today, we painted our clay sculptures that we did last time.  We missed two weeks while I was out of town, so our clay was nice and dry and ready to paint.  Ashby did a really good job.  She wanted a gray kitty, with green eyes and a pink mouth.  Then she decided it needed pink heart cheeks, too.  Then she mixed the pink and gray and came up with a new color that she painted over much of the face and body.  Then she mixed the green and pink and came up with another new color that she painted on the back.  It all actually turned out quite interesting!  Her is certainly better than mine!  For her free time, she wanted to play with more clay, so she made a free form.  She kept changing what it was, so I am not sure what it ended up being, but I think it is a "silly plate with a pile of silly pancakes and a strawberry on top."  Oh, for such an imagination!

They stayed and lunch at Grandma's, too, so we had a nice morning.  I was so tired for some reason today, so I relaxed in my chair a little and watched an episode of Lark Rise.  In between I managed to get a couple of loads of laundry done.  Later, I got absorbed in some family history on the computer, so my day ended up being rather busy!

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