Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 22nd - Art Class Day

Art class is usually on Thursday, but the preschoolers have a field trip that day, so we had to move the class.  It turns out that today was the only day left, so we did it today.  Ashby wanted to have her friend Abby come, too.  She is also home-schooled.  They got here around 10:00 and we went to work on our project.  We looked at a couple of books about Claude Monet and then started a multi-media project of his lily pond.  We painted the back of a foam meat tray blue and while, so it looked like the pond.  Then we used mod-podge to attach little pieces of tissue paper to a piece of tag board.  Next week we will cut that into lily pads.  Our final step of the day was to take some clay and make a little frog, who will sit on one of the lily pads.  They had a lot of fun.  For free time, they both played with the clay.  Next week we will put the pieces together to complete our project.

We then went out to Del Rio for lunch.  We like to sit outside on the patio, as it is usually not busy and the kids can get up and move around.  They were playing some pretty good music and Brooks was up doing his dancing.  The girls even got up and danced a little.  We had a lot of fun.

When I got back home, I made an apple crunch for refreshments for Empty Nesters tonight.  I also worked on family history a little.  I am still on the same project, as I haven't really had much time to get it done.  I did get a chart done today, showing the parents and all the children and where they appear in the various census records.  FamilySearch has an extra child, but I wanted to be sure before I unlinked it.  Maybe I will get more time tomorrow.

This evening was Empty Nesters.  We watched a video from BYU about the crucifixion.  It was good, as they discussed details that we often overlook.

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