Thursday, September 11, 2014

August 31 - September 10 - Vacation!

I decided not to try to keep up with my blog posts, so I have missed the last week and a half.  A quick summary follows.

Aug 31- Spent the day with my dad.  Billy came down for a while in the afternoon and we all went out for dinner and then spent some time at Willie's before he headed back to CR.

Sept 1 - Labor Day.  Spent the day with dad.  We went in to Kohl's to shop a bit, but didn't do much else.

Sept 2 - I met with 8 of my high school friends for breakfast and lunch.  We met at Wit's End at 9:30 and then moved across the street to a restaurant for lunch.  The daughter of one of my friends is running it, so that is why we chose that place.  We had a great time and finally broke up around 5:00.  From there, Paula and I had dinner at a Mexican place in CR before driving back to her place in Davenport.

Sept 3 - 5 - Spent with Paula.  We didn't do all that much, other than going out for lunch, once with one of her friends and just hanging out.  On the 5th, we met Peggy in DeWitt for lunch.  Then I headed back to Dad's.  Bill was supposed to get in to CR about 5:45, but the weather was so bad in Chicago, where he had a connection, that all the flights were cancelled.  He ended up having to spend the night in the airport.  Billy stopped at Dad's on his way back to CR and I followed him on up to his place to spend the night.

Sept 6 - Bill finally got in around 12:30.  We spent the day with Billy.

Sept 7 - We got up and met Dad and a friend of his for breakfast in Amana.  They do the best pancakes ever made!  Spent the rest of the day with Billy.  We took a ride in the afternoon down to Kalona, an Amish community.

Sept 8 - We came back to Dad's on Sunday night, as Billy had to head back to Des Moines this morning.  We spent the day with Dad and some time with Willie and Kalee in the evening.

Sept 9 - We took off for home this morning, after I had washed the sheets and towels.  Dad wouldn't do it and I like to have them clean and fresh the next time I come.  We drove as far as Mt. Vernon, IL and spend the night there.

Sept 10 - We got home about 7:00.  We had thought about doing some touring on the way home and maybe taking an extra day or two, but the weather was rainy and we decided to just come on home. 

So, I guess tomorrow I will have to come back to reality and get back into my normal routine.  It has been a fun two weeks, but it has gone by so quickly!

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