Saturday, September 13, 2014

September 12th - Rather Lazy Friday

After all the work getting things back in order yesterday, we took it a little easy today.  There were still the usual things to do, of course, but I certainly didn't exert myself beyond what was needed!  Bill had a long list of errands, so he was gone a good bit of the day.  Now we have cars inspected, new license plates, books returned to library, and some groceries.

Meanwhile, Lisa and the kids came over for a couple of hours after Ashby finished her home school group in the morning.  She was really excited to get to see Grandma!  And, I might add, Grandma was really excited to see her and Brooks.  She cuddled a lot and they both played while Lisa and I got caught up on the last two weeks.

And that was just about my whole day!

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