Monday, September 22, 2014

September 21st - Celebrating Grandpa's Birthday

Bill's birthday was actually yesterday, but Ashby was concerned because he didn't get a party or a cake, so we celebrated when they came over for dinner today.  Dinner was his favorites - pinto beans and collard greens.  We also had steaks on the grill, baked potatoes, corn, and rolls.  That way everyone had something they liked!  We also had a chocolate cake with one candle, so we could sing "Happy Birthday" and the grandkids could help blow it out.  Very fun!

I started my new family history class during Sunday School today and was happy that I had 7 people show up.  I wasn't sure if anyone would come.  I think it will be a good class.  It went well today, although time was a little short since the children did their Primary program today and ran over a bit.

It was a fun evening with the kids, besides the birthday celebration.  Brooks was outside a good bit and having a ball.  One of the things he wanted to do was to "paint" the playhouse.  So he got a paintbrush and a bucket of water and went to work!  The fallout from that was that he was filthy and muddy when he finished, but he sure had fun!  It was necessary to take a quick bath before putting on his jammies to wear home.

Ashby, on the other hand, was totally absorbed in the house, cutting paper and making things.  She finally ended up with a paper drive-up window that she taped to stand up on the coffee table.  She had Grandpa "drive" around to the window and order toys.  Very creative, again!

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