Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 27th - General Women's Meeting

Today was Saturday and that meant the usual cleaning, laundry, etc.  That pretty much took my morning.  By afternoon, I had a chance to do some family history - especially still working on adding photos.  I got a couple more things figured out.  Next time someone needs help at the FHC, I will at least have some idea of what needs to be done!

First thing this morning, I reminded Bill that the General Women's Meeting was tonight and that I didn't want to go down to Lilburn, but that I would like the TV at 8:00 so I could watch it here.  Even though football would still be on, he graciously agreed.  I almost never ask to watch something, so I figured it was the least he could do. Actually, we ended up watching it together.  Of course, it was a great meeting.  Most of the emphasis seemed to be on the temple and covenants.  President Uchtdorf was the concluding speaker and spoke about the need to live all the commandments and to do so with joy - live the gospel joyful was his phrase.  I am sure there will be a dozen FB postings by morning with that phrase.  It is a good one.

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