Monday, September 15, 2014

September 14th - Normal Sunday - Great Day!

Things felt a little more back to normal today.  We spent the morning working on lessons or other quiet things.  I got dinner all ready to cook. 

Church meetings were good.  The children were in the chapel practicing for their program, so the Gospel Doctrine class was moved to the overflow, which meant I was bumped out.  I sat in the foyer instead and was able to help one sister who had been having some log in issues.  I think we got her going now.  Next week I start the class again.

Bill had his temple recommend interviews after church, so we were later than usual getting to leave.  When we got home, the kids were all here and dinner was cooked and getting cold, since we were so late.  A quick reheat and we were ready to eat. 

It was nice to have everyone here and we had a great evening.  The kids were totally absorbed in their play.  Ashby had taped numbers to all the doors in the hallway and said they were all apartments.  She does get creative! 

They had brought their bikes over, so they also went out to take a walk/ride.  Ashby is learning to ride without the training wheels, but she wanted it to be easy today, so she had the wheels put back on.  Brooks had his tricycle.  Later, he was out in the back yard playing.  They were both very fun to watch.

So glad that we had a good Sunday today.  I miss not getting together on Sundays and it was very nice to be back to normal!

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