Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 16th - Pedi's

I was going about my usual morning routine when Lisa called and said they had just dropped Brooks off at pre-school and she and Ashby were going to get pedicures.  Ashby had asked if Grandma could come, too, so she was calling to invite me.  I needed one badly - besides I can't pass up a chance to have fun with them.  Now my toe nails are beautiful - I picked a very bright color and I might even glow in the dark!

Back home, I worked a little more on my presentation.  Actually, I was just going over it to make sure I would remember everything and not take too much time.  That will be tomorrow, if there is time, as it is the last thing on the agenda.

This evening, I couple of the brothers from the ward came over to get some help with their family history.  One of them was having trouble logging in, but we finally got that figured out.  The other was able to log in, but wasn't sure to go about adding his people.  We worked on several things so he could see how to do it. 

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