Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 24th - Family History Day!

Wednesday again - and of course that means Family History Center.  We had a busy morning, with three patrons and some workers there installing a new door bell system and putting up the new drapes.  Anything but quiet today!  I had a patron who wanted help with doing photos of FamilySearch, and while I helped him a little, mostly I wasn't able to teach him like I should have.  I will have to put in some time learning how to do it all!

Jan and I went to Moe's for lunch and had fun chatting and getting caught up.  It has been a few weeks since we got to do lunch, so there was plenty to talk about!  Then we made a quick run by the library to pick up a book I had there and then I took her home and headed on home myself. 

I was kind of tired out and lazy at that point, although I did do just a bit with the family history.  I quickly lost interest, though.  Since I finished the Lark Rise series a few days ago, I have been looking for something else to watch on my breaks and I started a series about Henry VIII.  It is by Showtime and BBC, so it is good quality, but there are scenes that border on going too far.  I kind of close my eyes during those parts, because the series is showing the character of Henry quite well.  We always think of him as the old fat man, but he was actually king while he was still very young.  Seeing him that way changes perspective a little.

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